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Why Grana

Responsible business

We attach great importance to maintaining high quality products, and our ambition is to continuously improve the company's processes. Regular audits of certification bodies and the internal control system ensure that norms and standards are met, as confirmed by our certificates. We work with proven suppliers who operate based on international quality standards. We strive to ensure the highest standards throughout the supply chain.

We care about the environment

We care to minimise potential environmental risks at every stage of our production of beverages. The Grana Environmental Policy complies with applicable laws and the company quality policy is aimed at refining our production processes and continually improving our technology.

We care for people

We conduct a personnel policy in accordance with labour law and the principles of the ETI Base Code founded on the convention of the International Labour Organisation. We create for our employees conditions for professional development. We also support initiatives by local communities, especially those targeted at children and the elderly.

International standard for ensuring food safety

Sedex Members Ethical
Trade Audit

The status of a trusted partner in the customs administration