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Strong brands


Tasty Barleycup beverages are a natural choice for those consumers who like tea and coffee but try to limit the amount of caffeine in their diet. Barleycup beverages are made exclusively from roasted barley, rye, and chicory, and do not contain caffeine or artificial additives.

Marketing and distribution

  • Products available in 900 stores in the UK
  • Distribution

    Holland & Barrett, health food stores, online
  • Also sold

    In Ireland, Malta, Canada, Cyprus
  • Key forms of promotion

    PR activities, tastings and sampling

Market and category

  • The leader in the category of coffee substitutes in the UK

    Over 30 years on the market

Sales and portfolio

  • Stable sales
  • 6 products in the portfolio

    Including: Organic, Dandelion, Caramel

Brand Portfolio


  • Products and ingredients

    Barleycup – barley, rye, chicory

    Barleycup granules – barley, rye, chicory

    Barleycup Organic – barley, rye, chicory - from certified organic crops

    Barleycup with Dandelion – barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root
  • Available in packaging
    square jars 100 g, 200 g


  • Products and ingredients

    Barleycup Caramel – barley, rye, chicory, sugar, caramelised sugar, flavouring
  • Available in packaging
    square jars 100 g


  • Products and ingredients

    Barleycup with Magnesium – barley, rye, chicory, enrichment substance: magnesium sulphate

    Barleycup Calcium and Vitamins – barley, rye, enrichment substance: calcium carbonate, chicory, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D

    Barleycup Fibre – barley, rye, chicory, inulin from chicory
  • Available in packaging
    square jars 100 g